Uncommon Favor simply means receiving special attention from God in order to get something done for you. This has nothing to do with education but rather Uncommon Favor comes when we attach ourselves to JESUS CHRIST.


  • Uncommon Favor is not about CLASS but CHRIST
  • Uncommon Favor is not about GRADE but GRACE of GOD
  • Uncommon Favor is not about DEGREE but GOD’S DECREE.

Within a seconds, Uncommon Favor can take you to places where people had fought for years. The only difference between Christians and Non Christians is the favor of God that we Christians receive from God which automatically transforms our lives prosperously.

To find favor from God is the proof that God is with you. Uncommon favor also releases the blessings of God. The only thing that can place you above your peers is UNCOMMON FAVOR and not your BEAUTY or your INTELLIGENCE. Joseph found such favor before God and Portifer his master to the extent that even in prison he was in charge of every thing.
The Anointing,and the Grace of God work in connection with the UNCOMMON FAVOR of God. By obtaining all these,no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper because of the Anointing attached to it. Isaiah 10:27 explains this very well hence the antidote to break YOKES of any kind is the ANOINTING of God.

LUKE 1:28…


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  1. Crystal D.Dixon

    Amen!! IHave UNCOMMON FAVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bettie Morgan-Coffey

    I am praying for a fresh, new deep unlimted anointing to rest upon us that produces unfailing uncommon favor. Thank you Father for surprising us with your unfailing goodness, grace, favor and happy surprises today and always in Jesus’ name….amen. Show us a great, great, great, great real great sign of good so those who hate us may see it be greatly ashamed. We are the head and not the tail above and not believe. Thank you Lord for the total restoration and total recovery of everything the enemy has stolen from us. Thank you that we are blessed and highly favored going out and blessed and highly favored coming back into homes for Christ sake amen.

  3. Bettie Morgan-Coffey

    Correction on my comments listed above. I meant to say We are the head and not the tail and not BENEATH…(SMILE).

  4. Bettie Morgan-Coffey

    Thank you heavenly Father I lift up the body of Christ today. Bless all those who are faithful and are seeking you with the whole heart. I pray now Lord that you will us miracle money, supernatural grace and favor to receive all of the good that we desire and require and more. You are our Shepherd, we shall not be in want. We praise you for power to get wealth through your riches in glory to establish your covenant upon the earth and to live in perfect peace and prosperity all the days of our lives. I bind every hindering spirit, and I loose your perfect will in and through all that concerns us in Jesus name…amen and amen!!

    • Great Prayers Betty, lovely words,very encouragi
      May Gods unlimited bleassings be upon you!

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