Overseers Statement


Over the years, natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, wars and suicide bombings have continued to devastate lives and property. We cannot be sure, if such people gave their lives to Jesus. If they did, then, glory and honour to the Most High God, but if they did not, then, we who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ have a great commission; and remember, we bear in our bodies the marks of Christ. (Mark 16:16 and Galatians 6:15-16). We are commanded to spread the gospel of Christ to all persons in every nation, in every tribe, and in every language around the world. This is the “hallmark” of every Christian.


In every second, every minute, the gospel of Christ must transcend boarders to those who have not heard of it. Our number one enemy; Satan, is employing every means to get many souls into perpetual fire. The gospel of Matthew 11:12, the Kingdom of God suffers violence, only the violent takes it by force”.

We must be aggressive in saving lives for the kingdom of God. All that we have belongs to God; the knowledge, the energy, and money should be employed to win souls for Christ. Remember: the enemy is violently fighting and restraining us from using our resources in promoting the kingdom of God.

Let us look at what John the Baptist said in Luke 3:11, if you have two dresses and food, share them  with one who does not have . This scripture makes things explicit here to us. Our commission is to spread the Word of God, and share in our own small way, things that we have with the poor, the needy and aged.

From the inception, December 2006, the church has supported many people in their education, trading activities, charity, and payment of medical bills for patients in her community. The church needs much support, both cash and kind around the world to expand the good works it has started with the resources available.

It is your turn to give a helping hand in promoting the kingdom of God.

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