As an evangelistic and deliverance church, Anointing Fire Charismatic Church seeks to

  1. meet the spiritual needs of its members.
  2. establish branches of the church throughout Ghana and overseas to promote the spread of the teachings of Christ.
  3. support its members through education and trading sponsorships.
  4. practically train, ordain and license the pastors and church leaders, and by adopting training techniques with a view of building confidence to transcend borders with the gospel.
  5. establish schools in Ghana.


The general guides to the attainment of the set visions are:

  1. Calling in resourced Pastors as well as other experts in their relevant fields of study to give candidates first-hand theological training and other areas as well, after which certificates will be awarded to them to enable them to spread the gospel of Christ.
  2. A reasonable amount of money will be disbursed to distressed members to enable them to do petty trading that will boost their morale and have hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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